About Us

RPSC is an initiative by International Pistol Champion Ronak Pandit to find talent and develop them into champions by providing them with the required expertise in the technical, psychological and physical aspects of the sport. The idea is to popularise the sport and take it to the masses so that more and more people can try their hand at the sport and understand what this sport is all about.

Contrary to general belief that only once you have reached a particular level do you need professional training, we at RPSC believe that if you do not seek professional training from the start, you may never be able to reach that level. Not just that, the wrong techniques and reflexes developed by an athlete due to incorrect instructions and information at the start of their career many a times ruin their careers. Hence we at RPSC believe in starting right, so that the journey to become a champion is a joyous one!

In line with our belief of having the best right from the start, we offer training to individuals on the most sophisticated air pistols, having the same accuracy as the ones that won the Olympic Gold medals in 1996 at Atlanta, in the year 2000 at Sydney, Silver medal at the 2012 Olympic Games at London and the Bronze medal at the 2004 Olympic Games at Athens. All these pistols were manufactured by Pardini of Italy, and we use the products from the same company who has a history of winning over a dozen Olympic Gold medals through their various pistols.

In his endeavour, Ronak Pandit was joined by like minded individuals and they have formed the core team of RPSC. Training programs and courses are designed by Ronak Pandit and Heena Sidhu, both multiple National Champions and International Champions. Heena Sidhu is an Olympian and represented India at the 2012 London Olympic Games. The courses are conducted by Mayuri Mukherjee and Tosif Sayyed, both certified coaches by the Asian Shooting Confederation and are National Players themselves.

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Ronak Pandit Heena Sidhu
Mayuri Mukherjee Tosif Sayyed