1. Do Air Pistols require licenses or any permits?

Ans: No, Air pistols do not require any licenses or permits and can be used freely by anybody.

2. What facilities does a person get when he becomes a member with the shooting centre?

Ans: An annual member is entitled to the use of the air pistols of the shooting centre for upto 1hour 30mins per day till the expiry of his membership. He will also receive a complimentary tin of air pellets (500 nos.). An annual member would be under the constant guidance and supervision of the trainers for continuous improvements and better results.  They will be watched over by the trainers at the competitions and their performance will be monitored through the year with necessary changes and recommendations. All the three aspects of sport - the technical, psychological and physical aspect will be taken care off.

3. What is the minimum and maximum recommended age for shooting?

Ans: Any person above the age of 12 is fit enough to shoot and enjoy the sport. Children who are 11 year old and are fit and mature can also become members. There is no maximum age limit as such and anybody who is enthusiastic about shooting is welcomed to experience it. However the right to grant membership rests with the shooting centre.

4. Is shooting a strenuous physical activity?

Ans: No, shooting does not require much strength as the weight of the pistol is under 1kg. It is a calm and docile sport and is played indoors in an air conditioned shooting range.

5. What about the noise levels?

Ans: An air pistol does not make much sound and there is no need to shut your ears. Infact one would not even blink an eyelid when a shot is fired.

6. What kind of equipment will be provided at the shooting centre?

Ans: The state of the art and highly accurate imported air pistols would be available for all our members. These airpistols are the most sophisticated and at par with the most accurate air pistol in the world. The gold medal at the Olympic games of 1996 and 2000 were won by the pistols of the same company, Pardini.

7. How can one enrol?

Ans: A shooting enthusiast can simply walk in to one of our centres most convenient to him and sign up for the mandatory two day course. After the completion of this course, one can opt to become members.

8. Who are the trainers in the shooting centre?

Ans: The trainers in the shooting centre are national medallists in pistol shooting. They are experienced and successful competitors themselves who have been trained in shooting by Ronak Pandit. They have also been trained by Ronak Pandit to train new and upcoming marksmen and follow a set training methodology devised by Ronak Pandit.

9. What about the safety in the handling of air pistols?

Ans: The mandatory two day air pistol course teaches a person the safe handling of air pistols and makes him familiar with the equipment. The shooting enthusiasts are first taught the “safety rules” which they are made to follow strictly and there are range officers who are also the trainers to make sure that the safety rules are implemented strictly. Statistically speaking, shooting has been the safest sport in the world thanks to these safety rules.

10. Can a member bring along a guest for leisure shooting?

Ans: Yes, guests are most welcomed and would be charged as per the hourly shooting charges. Informing the guests of the safety rules and the responsibility of its implementation rests with the member.

11. What is the distance of the target, the size of the target and the bulls eye?

Ans: The target is at a distance of 10metres, the size of the target is 17cm x 17cm and the bulls eye is 11.5mm. 

12. Can left handed people shoot or people with spectacles become good shooting marksmen?

Ans: Yes, there are left handed grips available by which left handed people can shoot. Having glasses or power in the eye is no constraint in shooting. Many of the top shooters of the world use glasses in daily life and this is no way affects their shooting skill.

13. What are the advantages of pistol shooting sport?

Ans: Shooting is a calm and docile sport where a shooter competes against his own self. There are no external circumstances . All depends on how well you follow the correct technique. These aspects make a shooter a very disciplined human being and a person of a strong character. Shooters are known to be in control of their emotions, resilient, determined and humble about the success and failures in life.

14. How many times in a week should a shooter practice to improve?

Ans: 3-4 days a week of shooting for 1-2 hours each at the shooting range is enough for steady improvements.