Shooting Centre

Ronak Pandit Shooting Centre believes that here shooters can learn the correct basic technique which will enable them to perform at bigger stages without faltering. It is common for the sportsmen of today to perform very well in training and lower level matches, but crumble in high pressure situations. This is because their basic technique is not strong enough and the body has not developed the correct reflexes. Read “my beginning as a shooter” to know how Ronak became the national champion and set a new national record just within 6 months of taking up this sport, and he credits this to his correct basic training.

Shooting As a Sport- Current Scenario

Viewing the current scenario of shooting as a sport and with a strong belief that there is enough talent in our country to win us dozens of Olympic medals Ronak has gone one step ahead and has opened the doors of his shooting knowledge to anyone and everyone remotely interested in shooting. He is in the process of opening his centres across various locations in Mumbai to enable maximum participation from the public in this beautiful sport.

“Indians are genetically good at skilled sports requiring good hand-eye coordination. The only silver medal won at the Olympics in 2004 was in Shooting, followed by the first Olympic gold medal by an Indian in 2008 and in the last olympics held at London in 2012, we won not one but two medals. This is the strongest evidence supporting our natural aptitude”, exclaims Ronak.

Thus, Ronak Pandit Shooting Centre aims to identify talent and then nurture it from day one so that there are better and more consistent achievements even at the highest level of play.