Anatolii Piddubnyi

Coach of Indian Olympic Pistol Shooting Team, London 2012 Olympic Games.
Ex-Chief coach of the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, etc.

Ronak’s possibilities as a shooter are extremely high. He has impeccable theoretical knowledge about the technique of a good shot.
His work as the coach during the preparation for the London Olympic Games had amazed me. At such young age he works as an experienced professional! He has strong perseverance with the confidence of success. It is only a matter of time that his students will be at the top of the Olympics.

Dr. Pierre Beauchamp

World renowned sports psychologist, Founder of Mindroom Peak Sport Performance

"Ronak Pandit is an exceptional coach who understands the process of skill acquisition and integrating these skills into your competition game plans such that they become automatic in competition leading to peak performance in your sport."


Student, National medallist and national team member of Maharashtra State, represented India in 2 international competitions including the World Championships

Pistol shooting is not about body strength - it is an intelligent game of endurance and discipline. 

The first time I fired a gun was at the age of 7 where my challenge was to shoot the Ace of spades at a distance of 5-7 metres. I found it easy. It was surprising that my eldest brother and cousins who were much taller and stronger than me could not. Back then i never thought I would become a professional. My entry into pistol shooting is an absolute coincidence.

Initially it was just shooting at the range with some friends for the fun of it. I still do not know what and when Ronak saw in me that he began to give me tips and offer random advice. My shooting improved immediately after such 5-10 minute conversations with him. This was back in 2005-06! I began training with him in 2008.

Training with Ronak is a bonus experience in addition to learning the fundamentals of pistol shooting. His rock solid foundation training speaks for itself. In my many years of professional shooting I have learnt that he has abundant knowledge which is always growing. The most appealing aspect he offers is the ability to listen and understand doubts as well as address them specifically. 


Housewife, Maharashtra State medallist and National level player

Shooting was an extracurricular activity in my school. That is when I started shooting but could not continue due to studies. So I got back to shooting after mygraduation. I qualified for the Nationals in the same year and have been shooting since then. Handling a gun and playing a sport with it is what I like the most about shooting. It gives a different high. The sport requires a lot of focus, concentration and determination.

According to me, I actually started understanding shooting and growing as a shooter only after I started training under Ronak. For me, shooting got an all together different meaning with Ronak as my coach. My scores have gone up and he has instilled confidence and self belief in me which was always my problem. Every sportsperson requires a coach to help him/her achieve the ultimate goal and for me it's Ronak and will always be.


Student, Maharashtra State junior medallist, National level player and qualified to participate in selection matches for international competitions

I started shooting in the year 2008.At that time I was playing well but I had doubts about my shooting. So I decided to look for personal coaching. After lot of thinking I directly went to Mr. Ronak Pandit and requested him to be my coach. And after 1 year's experience I can definitely say that Mr. Ronak Pandit is the best coach for Pistol Shooting. He helps me to build up my confidence level and also helped me to improve my shooting skills and techniques in a big way. Under his coaching I am now playing Selection Trials for International competitions. And it is only because of his guidance that now I am ready to face any competition

Zaheer Hawa

Managing Director, Fluidline valves.

Often people ask me why and how did I come up to taking shooting as a sport as there has never been any association to or with people who have handled weapons in my family, the answer is actually very un-dramatic: a friend in college just happened to be shooting and had taken me to the shooting range, where in the week a basic course was to be held and so out of curiosity I had enrolled.

After college for a few years I could not give too much time to the sport but after settling down at work I restarted shooting for recreation, and once again found myself qualify and do well at the National Championships, which tweaked further my appetite to learn more. That is when this young boy who always won all the tournaments around us and who we generally went to ask for advice {which was always given selflessly} announced that he would be professionally imparting training in Pistol Shooting at the Worli Range.

There was no doubt that I had to join. Often people feel if they are pursuing a sport for recreation or on a local level, they would not want a coach, but I completely disagree. It is with GOOD COACHING that basics are formed correctly and the sport shall seem more fun if it is learnt properly. Today because of coaching under Ronak, with little efforts on my own I am finding slow but steady improvements in my shooting. He has been persistent, patient and always finding new methods to better the technique to excel in the Sport.

Which is why when my daughter wished to start this sport, there was no thinking twice as to who she shall start under and Ronak is now coaching her for the past 6 months. Though she has just begun, Ronak’s coaching and encouragement has maintained the interest in her to pursue shooting seriously as a sport.

I am still looked at in awe by family and friends for pursuing this exotic sport.


Working executive, State level player

However odd it may seem, but taking up shooting as a sport did not quite occur to me until a casual drive past MRA made my father suggest I try my hand at the sport.
What started as something that I took up just out of sheer curiosity, has over time become an activity that I thoroughly enjoy, a skill that I yearn to master, and something that has taught me the importance of focusing on the present, without thinking about the past or the future (every successive shot fired is independent of the next).
Unfortunately being a pistol shooter, at least in Mumbai, was not a very good idea due to the dearth of qualified coaches. Thus until I found out that Ronak Pandit, himself an international champion pistol shooter coaches aspiring pistol shooters, I was, figuratively though, shooting in the dark!
Training under Ronak is an advantage in more ways than one; being a competing pistol shooter himself, he understands and has solutions to almost all the issues that pistol shooters face- be it competition pressure, self discipline, or anything related to the physical, psychological and/ or technical aspects of the sport.
Also, he is always willing to give you a patient hearing and motivate you in low performance phases without giving up on you, the importance of which perhaps can be best appreciated only by another sportsperson.
Having trained with Ronak for over the past two years, I strongly believe that for any aspiring pistol shooter who is looking for personal guidance throughout the learning and improvement process, RPSC is the place to be!